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I suppose everyone knows Foamy, if not.. get to know him :P. He’s a cartoon character. Very funny and straight to the subject. I like him/it. Here’s a little something that ‘he’ said, i hope there’s something for you folks to learn. 😛

Dear foamy
why don’t you have a girlfriend?

oh jeez here we go

Dear hopeless romantic
I don’t have a girlfriend because i don’t need to validate my existence through the existence of somebody else. Having a girlfriend does not make you a better person, nor does it prove to the rest of your friends that you’re cool., I’m personally 100% confident in my own personality, to be able to live a viable existence without having to have a fucking leech clinging to my wallet! The rest of humanity would do well to follow the example of foamy! Stop getting into superficial relationship bullshit. Most of the individuals misery usually comes from a significant other, a bad relationship,a bad marriage, or some bullshit like that. How about getting to know yourself, and living life? See! Supreme logic from the supreme being! meha!


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  1. Paula said, on Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 23:10

    Foamy is the best 🙂

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