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Posted in inglish cuz am shy, Uncategorized by Elena on Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some days ago someone asked me where’s my fav place on Earth, and if I’d like to visit it. I had no exact answer for the question, mostly because of the large variety of places that were running wildly through my head. So I thoght I’d make a list with the places that I want to visit..

My set off was Bucharest, Romania.. Going south to Bulgaria and then Greece (Athens). Crossing the Mediteranean Sea, reaching Libya. Then visit the piramids in Egipt.. and the western part of Africa.. surrounding it.. Cape Town, Mozambique and Tanzania.

After that, Madagascar :X. It must be something exciting, and soul searching!?! .. seeing the sun rise in so many places..

Going by boat from Madagascar to AL-Yaman, and Saudi-Arabia afterwards. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It would be great for me to get out of the Middle East alive, due to the conflicts in the area.

India would be my next stop, better said New Delhi and Calcutta. Then swimming, err sailling all the way to Port Hedland in Australia. Going to Porth to swim with the whale-sharks :D. Making my way then through the Victoria desert, by train. All the way to Sydney. Bathing in the Pacific Ocean.. learning how to surf maybe?!? From Sydney I’d go to New Guineea, since I don’t much about the place..

Next on the list.. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. China looks iinteresting too πŸ™‚ Visit the Great Wall and then Mongolia. Ridding ancestral horses.. Since Kazakstan isn’t looking very appealing I’ll go to Russia..Go inside the artic cirlce and freeze my ass for a while :D. Crossing the Bering Strait.. to Alaska, then Canada. Vancouver.. and the the USA.. Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chigago, Detroit, New York.. πŸ˜€ Going south afterwards..Washington and all .. until I reach Mexico and I go for a walk in Tenochtitlan. Aah.. Guatemala, Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and all the Pacific Coast of South America.. Peru.., Chile then on the otherside Argentina.. Brasil. Good gratious.. it’s gonna take a while :D.

Next stop Island.. Then Europe. So many places to see and so little time.. Argh.. In fact the only thing I want is to have a farm.. somewhere in the North, Norway probably.. sitting in a cradle and drinking my hot tea..

So the conclusion was that my fav place on Earth was/is Earth itself.. with all it’s corners..( though it’s round-ish..:lol: )


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  1. Creep said, on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 16:46

    This time I’m definately going with you.

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