Shades of green

Freedom, Peace and everything else

Posted in Eu şi tot ce mă-nconjoară, inglish cuz am shy, Uncategorized by Elena on Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We all want this, though we don’t always admit it. Freedom.. hippie style. Some of us try to be free, but then we remind ourselves of our ordinary life. Getting lost in this stupid crap society. Trying to get to high-school at first, college afterwards.. and then get a decent job. Myeah we all know the story. People nowadays live the same life.. in series. If someone doesn’t follow the rules.. well then he’s an outlaw. A freak of nature.. might as well be an inmate cause it wouldn’t make a damn difference.

Is this what I want for me? Of course NOT. The best thing I could do is follow what I feel is right for me. So that when it all come to an end.. I’d feel that everything I’ve done was for my own peace, for my soul and body. Nothing fake. Here it comes the herd feeling that we all have. If we want to fit in we have to follow the rules and then live a life without knowing if the choices we’ve made were for us.. or for others. The thing is that no one cares about the things you do, as long as we don’t hurt them.. but we all have this stupid idea that everyone is following us.. keeps an eye on us. (the Godish idea). And this makes us take dumb decisions that will lead us through life.

I am so babbling around. The main idea is that I have absolutely no intention of following the system. Why follow it? Others are and I don’t see anyone blossoming with happiness. And I am sure not waiting for God and all it’s glory heaven to make me happy. I’ll make my own happiness.. here on Earth. Maybe I won’t find it.. but at least I’ve made my life a big crap with my own stupid retarded ideas.. and not with someone elses.. Nites [ I’ll b reading this whenever losing contact with myself ]


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