Shades of green

God Issue

Posted in inglish cuz am shy, Uncategorized by Elena on Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Imagine a world without the devil, without evil things.. a world of constant happiness and joy. There is no such thing.. You’d have a boring, dull even world. You can achieve that happy feeling only after you’ve suffered, you’ve felt pain and increased the value of the good things that wondered in your life. So this means that the Christian God is a half God. Right!?! Since everything in life is both good and evil. We are always trying to hide our bad part.. by not talking about it, covering with good things. What ought this to mean? That a good and realistic God would be a God both Evil and Good. Maybe this sounds stupid or irrelevant. Or maybe we don’t need a God at all. Which I doubt. ( you can’t move the stupid cattle from here to there just thinking that they’ll find the right road eventually.. no, there’s a need for a cowboy ) Anyhow.. either way..This God suckz. :/ Good cannot be without Bad.


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