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Posted in EEK by Elena on Thursday, September 4, 2008

My room is empty. Well, almost empty. I still have the sofa and the desk. Ugh, and a chair. But that’s all. Why? Because I should have kept my mouth shut.
A few days ago dad steps into the living room (the place where I sleep, sometimes eat, read, basically live my life) and we both look at the ceiling at the same time. And I have this wonderful idea which I HAVE TO share with my dad, that we ought to paint the ceiling because it has something that looks a little bit like mold on it. He says YES.
Great, everything is fine. But no, dad comes back and lets me know that the walls should be painted as well. I think FUCK, but I say OK. Great, he’s off again doing whatever he does. He returns to tell me that the furniture needs some reconditioning and that he knows some people for such a job, but he will have to carry it all the way to them. I think FUCK, I say IT’S NO NEED to recondition the furniture, it looks great. I love old things. But he says MMM and I say MMM. He’s off again. And while I was telling myself that it has been a very bad idea and that the next time I will keep my mouth shut, he comes back telling me that we just might need to buy new furniture because the one that we have is really old (as old as I am, as if I am really old :\ ) and there’s too much hassle with the transport of the old furniture. I am irritated, annoyed. But not as much as I am when he finally looks down at the floor and says that while he’s doing all of the other stuff he might just as well replace the parquetry. And hurray :\, from tomorrow til f knows when, I will keep my stuff in boxes on the balcony, sleep anywhere else but in my own bed and be very disorientated. Ugh, and muh pc is moving into my mum und dad’s bedroom. The joy. THE JOOY. And as a bonus, he didn’t even wake me up when he went to buy the new furniture, which is why I already know that I am going to hate it. EEEK!! I want my own home. NOW.


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  1. ionuca said, on Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 18:10

    Hold on, ppf! It will be over in no time! *big hug!*

  2. green said, on Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 18:35

    >:D< thankiez! Let’s hope it will..

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