Shades of green


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Trying to keep up with life, everything is changing so fast.

I’m learning new things every day and it makes me happy.

I keep my eyes open for a longer period of time.

Growing up is fun.


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Ma trezesc. Ma spal, ma imbrac. Beau cafea cu lapte si mananc negrese. Totul bun pana aici.

Ies in strada si gata, s-a rupt firul. Tu vrei sa fiu verde, tu vrei sa fiu putin mai neagra. Tu parca ai vrea sa ma tunzi si tu sa-mi schimbi garderoba. Tu ai vrea sa vorbesc mai incet si tu sa cant mai tare. Tu vrei sa fiu atenta si tu vrei sa fiu mai conservatoare.

Si incerc, sa fac cate ceva sa multumesc pe toata lumea. Imi place buna dispozitie in jurul meu.  Incerc sa fac oamenii sa zambeasca.

Mi-ar placea sa pot face lucru acesta fara sa renunt la mine. Fara sa trebuiasca sa ma dedublez in fiecare zi pentru a multumi. Voi ajunge sa cred ca sunt altcineva. Si noi n-am vrea sa se intample asta.


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I am at war. There is this mud hole right in the middle of my back garden. And I’ve done almost everything to cover it up. As a whole, it makes the garden look bad. But at the same time, it  makes every single thing look better. I am at war because I have done almost everything to cover it up and I am afraid to do everything to cover it up.

A little something

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Just a little something I recently read and enjoyed.

“There’s only one rule I know of: You’ve got to be kind.”
– Kurt Vonnegut


Well, hello.

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I am amazed by the amount of evilness there is in the real world. I guess that’s why they call it real. This too shall pass I say, but I know it’s a lie. People will be evil no matter what. I don’t think the evilness itself bugs me but the fact that it makes me act and think in ways I never thought of before. Aaanyway. 

Life is changing, things are getting done and maybe there’s a lil bee of sunshine in for me after the cold rain. Yes, I am such an inspiration…

My first month as an employee has passed.