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It’s just not one of my best periods Crutch. First physical and then spiritual.. I’m sick all the time and it sucks since I usually am a very healthy person. I don’t usually catch a cold very often. It just sucks. One of my tonsils are swollen.. hurting and making my life miserable. I also have a tooth infection.. it seems I already look like a monster.. with the right side of my face swollen. And it’s impossible for the dentist to extract it. I’m on antibiotics. These two things make me feel very weird. I want to be OK again!!! Then comes the spiritual part. It’s like I’m on another planet. After this short vacation.. it’s hard for me to pay attention in classes. I have absolutely no interest for school. I just want to lay around the house all day long. Listen to music, paint craps, read my own stuff ( Paul Auster now), listen to music and go out with my friends, enjoy the nice weather. For example, today I forgot my jacket at school. I had my phone and my keys in it. I realised stuff was missing after some 5 hours. I had to go to school and surprisingly (lucky me!!!) I found my coat with keys and phone in it. Eh.. enough about problems.. The 1st of May is coming and tho I don’t really know nor want to know what this day means, I surely know it’s a school free day.. and that it’s possible for me to go at Vama Veche with my aunt and uncle. It would be nice. Even if I won’t be going.. it’s still OK. At least I get a day off school. Enough with my whining. Nites!good night

Um, Yeah.

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Aw, long time since my last post. It’s because of the vacation. I’m too lazy to post anything. Aaaanyhows. I’m a Sex & The City maniac, freak, addict. I can’t get over it. I d/l-ed Season 3, 4 & 6. It’s everything I usually hate: fashion, random sex, superficial none-sense. But it grabbed me.. really bad. Thank God I’m not the only one. Some of my friends got the bug also. Mwhaha!

New thing, I don’t even know why I’m writing about it, Ah!! It must be because my boyfriend talks about it 24/7. 03 August – 07 August Varna, Bulgaria Monsters Of Rock. Bands playing: Motorhead, Saxon, Metal Church, Overkill, Annihilator, Kreator, Sodom, Amon Amarth, Onslaught, Holy Moses, Celtic Frost, Nevermore, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Edguy, Atrocity, Fear Factory, Soulfly, Masterplan, Axel Rudi Pell, Opeth, Orphaned Land.

Tool is not coming ! So hahaha, the fest will suck. What am I talking about?? I wanna go, I will go only if my uncle comes with meh. Heh! Long time ’til then.

Another big thing for me? The latest Tool album !! 10,000 days. It’s awesome, love every song. Thanks to Opiated and Spaz for sharing it. I promise I will buy the album when in stores. whistle Anything else? A very dear friend of mine is coming back home sometime next week, hopefully.

Easter is coming, and the only thing I like about Easter is the sweetbread (aka Cozonac) and the vacation. Screw everything else.

P.S.:Hmm I remeber now why I didn’t post anything.. it wasn’t because of my lazyness, it was/is because I had/have nothing interesting to say. :/

[ King Crimson • Starless ]

Sex and crap in commercials

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Yeah! We all f*cking see it. Commercials at TV. Everybody is using sex to sell their detergent, the soap, the chocolate, the socks, the phone, the cars. Screw it ! Almost everything. Do you really think that if you are going to use that detergent you’ll get laid ? Or if you eat that chocolate you’ll look better, or be happier? God damn you people ! What has got into you all ?
I’ve noticed that foreigners have lost this st00pid idea of “sex sells”, but *ugh* us Romanians.. we still use it. Something else that bothers me is a commercial for cloths conditioner. It shows people happier after using the conditioner. 😐 Or another commercial for “butter” where a soap opera starlet talks about the way the viewer can get closer to his fave stars if he buys/eats the “butter”. It’s useless to say more.
The pic is my creation (listening to Levy’s advice).

Kafka’s World

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I discovered Franz Kafka some time ago.. Read “Diaries Of Franz Kafka” by accident. I had to go at the country side with my parents for a whole week-end. And so, out of boredom checked my aunt’s bookshelves; I grabed the first book I placed my eyes on. And so I got mezmerized by this unique bohemian jewish writer. It’s honest and humble way of writing, tho strong and filled with energy made me want some more of him. And so I read “The Metamorphosis”, (again) in school breaks. This novel is about a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, that wakes up one day transformed into a giant monstrous vermin (something like a cockroach) and is now forced to live in his room by his family, wich is disgusted by his new appearence.


As with all of Kafka’s works, The Metamorphosis is open to a wide range of interpretations; in fact, Stanley Corngold’s book, The Commentator’s Despair, lists over 130 interpretations. Most obvious are themes relating to society’s treatment of those who are different. Other themes include the loneliness of being cut off and the desperate and unrealistic hopes that such isolation brings.

Some also feel the book deals with the absurdity of human existence, leading some literary critics to associate it with existentialism. It is also possible to apply Freudian and other forms of literary criticism to the book.

Anyhows, It shows that you can write in so many ways. I was used with a typical kind of book.. Kafka has opened my mind.. horizon.
Also read “A hunger artist”, “The country doctor”, “In the penal colony”, “The verdict”.

Creep’s work

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When My Sun Comes Down.JPG

 Here's what Creep made 4 meh. Find it to be cute 😆 Thankies lullaby!